Use our unique integration with Belgian payroll provider Wij Helpen to automatically synchronize all employee data with Officient.

Once the data is added, you can further enrich payroll information with benefits, assets, contracts, days off, performance reviews and everything else.

Payroll integration:

Transparant employee personnel profiles
Upon activating the Wij Helpen integration, Officient will get to work retrieving all employee data and sorting it into transparant employee profiles. We'll visualize the different components of each employees' payroll into a visual pie chart and synchronize current days off counters for each employee.
Centralize and enrich employee data
After our integrations are done retrieving all data from your Wij Helpen account, you can log in to Officient to further enrich this data. Supplement payroll information with all extra employee data you keep around benefits, contracts, fleet, assets, licenses and policies.
Automatically transfer days off to Wij Helpen
Every employee can request days off through their personal self-service. At the end of the month, HR receives a detailed overview of all approved days off for this month. With one click you transfer this data to start payroll calculations.