Bring your ideas to life
Anything you've even dreamed about is possible to realise just at the moment when you decided to win.
Personal information
Quickly review and edit personal information. Set-up a secondary contact for emergencies.

Custom data
Add information which could be relevant for your employee, such as test scores, clothing sizes.
Wages, benefits & budgets
We'll visualize your payroll with wage and benefits. You can quickly assign and keep track of budgets such as education, travel and more.
Assets, fleet & software
Keep an accurate log of assets, fleet and licenses. When offboarding an employee, we'll assist you through the process.
Contracts & documents
Check contracts, documents and their status. Strengthen compliance and retrieve files rapidly when necessary.

Digital personnel file

Activity feed
Monitor changes over time. Swiftly retrieve information for raise or promotion negotiations.
Time off
Track days off throughout your entire workforce. We'll notify you if a request is submitted with no days off budget left.

All employee data in one overview