Monitoring employee assets goes a lot quicker when its all managed from a single interface. Assign them to individuals or teams, add related documents and never lose one, ever.

Using multiple spreadsheets to record different assets?


Assets gives you an accurate overview off all employee-operated assets. Fleet and software are stored under separate categories, with the ability to track different data for each type.

Speed up onboarding by defining defaults assets for teams. In case of an emergency, you'll have all the information at your fingertips to quickly resolve the situation and file the corresponding paperwork.
Add new assets with the touch of a button. Define your own or add items using the built-in product search.
Assign assets to people or teams. Speeding up the process of distributing and keeping track of assets.
Protect assets by enclosing policies outlining the responsibilities of both employees and employer.
Track assets throughout their lifecycle
Perform the following actions with just a couple of clicks
Never lose track of an asset again
Add an asset and customize the data you want to keep. We'll give you separate overviews for all assets, fleet and software.
Export asset data to excel and easily share with third parties or give them limited access and choose what information they can view directly.
Fleet captures advanced information such as fuel type, car type or chassis number. Input costs and type to simulate fleet cost and payments over a year.
Create custom fields to capture extra information for different types of assets. You can even customize and build reports based on these fields.
Software keeps track of all people who have access to a product as well as who used to, in case of a breach.
On- and Offboarding, but faster.
You focus on the employee experience, while we automate administrative tasks around it.
In need of assistance? HR has all the necessary information at their fingertips to quickly get you back on your way. Add documents to assets that can help your employees tackle asset problems themselves.
Set your new hires up for succes by defining default assets for roles or teams. New members will automatically be assigned these assets.
On to a great first day
In case of emergency
Off to a new opportunity
Is an employee leaving for a new opportunity? We'll give you an offboarding list that sums up all the assets which should be returned
An accurate inventory of all employee-operated assets?
Discover how Assets can help you never lose one again.