Making sure the proper work agreements are drafted and signed could be a lot simpler without manual paperwork and having to run around for signatures. The contracts feature helps you control the entire contracting process digitally.

How much time is spent drafting, printing, signing and archiving employee contracts?


Contracts helps you create, distribute and approve written agreements.

✓ Create templates around labour contracts, labour agreements..
✓ Autofill employee information through shortcodes
✓ Send contracts to an employee or teams
✓ Request approval through electronic signature
With the following flow you could have a contract drafted and signed by an employee in under 5 minutes.
Create a template for a contract and re-use it in the future. You can also upload existing contracts in word or pdf.
Customize contracts with variable data using shortcodes. We'll automatically fill it out with the right employee data.
When you're finished, you just highlight the desired employee.
You can distribute contracts in bulk to groups of people as well.

Finished? Employee(s) will receive a notification to approve. From their self-service, they can then electronically sign the contract.
Sending out contracts in bulk and signing them electronically?
Discover how Contracts can help you speed up compliance