Signing contracts, requesting days off.. By providing employees access to their employee data and giving them the tools to handle HR tasks themselves, a lot of personnel administration can be done for you.

Reducing personnel administration by involving employees

Employee self-service

The Employee Self-Service is a unique environment generated for every employee to manage their own data and take care of important HR tasks

• The self-service is available in EN, NL, FR, ES & IT
Employee self-service
One place to master all employee data and attend to important HR tasks
Personal information
Wage & Benefits
Employees can easily update their data themselves. HR just has to approve changes if they impact payroll.
See how much you earn, what makes up your wage and what it costs your employer, as well as which budgets you have access to.
A comprehensive list of all assets, fleet and software assigned to an employee.
Which types of days off can I take and how much do I have left? Calendar helps plan time off, but can track overtime too.
Inspect written agreements you made and sign future contracts electronically.
Need a driver's license from employees? Request it during onboarding or let them upload these documents themselves.
Performance reviews
You'll be notified of upcoming reviews and can checkup on past performance talks.
With tasks HR can let you know if they need you to do something and by when.
Ready to give power to the people?
Giving ownership to employees with the Employee Self-service, reduces mistakes and personnel administration.