By centralizing employee data, we can use algorithms to correlate this data into usable information, such as HR metrics and personnel trends. Providing you with critical learnings to turn into actions, and positively impact HR strategy.

Learning without having to compile data into a report?


• Insights takes employee data and transforms it into beautiful and understandable personnel graphs. Learn about your top earners, time off usage, absenteeism, payroll cost evolution and more.

• Organizational chart gives a unique understanding of your company's hierarchy and the relationships that make up different teams.
Optimize your HR strategy through insights generated from actual employee data and trends.

Organizational chart

Visualize your organizational structure and create
a better understanding of your hierarchy
View a hierarchy tree, showing the team structure, the people, their roles and the manager they report to.
Visualize any size of business, no matter how large or complex they are.
Gaining insights without having to compile a report?
Discover how Insights helps you improve HR strategy with data-driven insights.