Finding the correct information becomes a breeze when all employee data is grouped in a single HR platform. Simply connect with your payroll provider and we'll do the rest.

Losing a lot of time searching for employee data?


• People overview keeps a digital record of everyone working for you and what team they are a part of.

A unique personnel profile is created for each employee, where all employee data is grouped in a single overview.

Documents helps you request and share important employee files.

A complete directory of every person working for the company.

No more looking for the right personnel file in the wrong file cabinet. It's all here.
Add salaried employees, but also internationals, freelancers and interns.
Define managers and assign responsibility for standard HR tasks, such as approving leave or signing labour contracts.
Easily group people into different teams and reduce time by performing actions in bulk.
Personnel profiles gather all the employee data we retrieve from your payroll provider, HR tools and other sources. Afterwards we organize it all into a visual profile overview.
Add custom fields to further enrich profiles with extra data. Think of keeping track of employees' shoe size for work clothing or recording allergies for certain environments.
Days off types are loaded in from the payroll integration you setup and we'll automatically balance out each employee's counter with what they have left.

All employee data organized into visual profile pages.

Activity feeds help you monitor changes related to employee data, and track who made the changes.
Payroll pie chart with assigned benefits for each employee. With every change, we'll store their wage history to let you track payroll evolution.
Define budgets to give employees the flexibility to decide for themselves what to spend on assets, mobility.


From a drivers license to training certificates. Requesting and sharing documents with employees has never been easier.
Requesting files
Sharing documents
Do you need a vacation certificate from every new hire? Or a copy of their driver's license and ID to setup the car insurance?

Simply describe the document you need and select the employees you need it from. We'll notify them through the employee self-service, where they can upload the file themselves.
As a business you generate documents, some of which you 'll want share with your employees. Think of pay slips, or maybe certificates they obtained.

You can share files with people by uploading files to the employee document vault. They can then download these from their employee self-service.
A complete list of all your people and their employee data?
Discover how people can help you get a better overview.