Generate, distribute and keep
track of contracts & documents

Electronic signature Officient
Electronic signature Officient
Generate contracts & policies
Create contracts and policies with the template builder or simply upload existing contracts in PDF. Use shortcodes to automatically fill out employee information within documents.
Distribute in bulk and request approval
Once a document has been created, you can quickly distribute it to individuals as well as groups. Set up who needs to sign off and keep track off their approval status.
Electronic consent
No more printing, scanning or mailing. Allow employees to sign documents electronically.
Assign assets, fleet & software licenses.
Review critical information and swiftly re-distribute.
Software license management Officient
Managing assets, fleets and software licenses
We'll give you a clear overview of all assets, fleets and software licenses which have been assigned and distributed to employees. Quickly (re-)assign them when hiring or terminating an employee and review usage through our activity feed.
Quick access
Inspect relevant documents, policies, warranties and suppliers. Quickly retrieve all required information such as an ID number to file for warranty when an asset got damaged.
Guided on- and off-boarding
Set default assets for new hires or assign these to specific roles or departments. We'll let you know which items to reclaim when an employee leaves your organization.
Software license management Officient
Requesting and approving
time off just got easier
Self-service requests
Through self-service, employees can request days off and track remaining budgets for different types of time off.
Mobile upload
Employees can take a picture of their sick note and submit it through the self-service to instantly complete a sick day request.
Automate standard procedures
Set-up automated tasks such as blocking your calendar and enabling an out-of-office message.
Review, approve and push time off
HR gets a comprehensive view of all requests and can push approved days off to the payroll provider with the touch of a button.
Keep everyone in the loop
with weekly digests and tracking
Weekly digest Officient
Weekly digest Officient
Activity feeds & tracking
Monitor history of people, wages, assets, fleet, licenses, documents.. If there is a data asset in Officient, we'll have an activity feed and corresponding history to keep track.
Reminders & notifications
Do you have an important evaluation coming up? Be prepared and set up reminders, we'll make sure you're notified in time.
Weekly digest
At the start of every week, we'll generate a weekly digest for all employees which brings everyone up to speed with things happening that week.