Officient enables businesses to handle personnel administration more efficiently. Providing intuitive tools to accomplish HR tasks faster, access to a better personnel overview and visualizing strategic personnel insights.

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How can HR software help me tackle personnel administration more efficiently?

With the HR platform you'll get a total employee overview and intuitive features to speed up routine personnel administration tasks.
The employee self-service gives every employee the tools to manage their own data and handle important HR tasks.
Record all employee assets and never lose track of one again
Draft, distribute, sign and store all workplace agreements
A total overview of all people in the organization, and their employee data
Record days off and overtime in a single calendar overview
Have regular 1-on-1's with employees and empower their growth
Learn from key HR metrics and personnel insights, visualized into beautiful graphs
Available in EN, NL & FR
Available in EN, NL, FR, IT & ES

"What used to cost me an hour a day, now takes me little over an hour a week."

Arnaud Van De Calseyde
Co-owner & HR at Van De Calseyde hydraulics

What is the biggest ROI Van De Calseyde Hydraulics gets from using Officient?

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