Processing days off and overtime, is a vital part of HR and essential for correct wage calculations. Define days off types, setup overtime and process requests, all with one calendar.

Do you keep lists of days off requests and performed overtime?


• Calendar gives a visual overview of all days off requests, their corresponding type and clearly marks the ones which need approval. You can record overtime and configure the method of compensation.
are taking days off...
or working overtime?

Looking for a better way to record if employees..

Will help you keep employee attendance, leave and overtime organized within a single overview
Vacation days
We synchronize the amount of legal vacation days which are defined by your payroll provider.
Sick days
Another standard leave type is sick days. When employees request these, they will be asked to upload a sick note.
Training days
Giving employees proper training has become part of every successful business. That's why training days are already configured to be used in every account.
You can choose if employees are allowed to perform overtime, as well as setup their method of compensation.
Public holidays
With the click of a button you can load in all public holidays into your company calendar. Select your country and we'll do the rest.
Set up your own!
Define your own day off types, budgets and even its color! Don't forget to inform your payroll provider to correctly map this type of leave for wage calculations. No worries, we'll make suggestions to help you along.
Being able to monitor all days off and overtime in a single view?
Discover how Calendar keeps it all organized for you.