Having regular check-ins with employees should be a must for every successful business. Schedule reviews, exchange notes and make the process more transparant for employees.

What if reviewing employees was less administrative and more effective?


• Performance helps plan regular conversations with employees, at an interval that fits your company culture. HR schedules reviews, managers hold the conversation and we manage the administration.
Powerful performance reviews
Being transparant around reviewing an employee's performance, will improve the relationship and further fuel an employee's growth at your company.
Preparation is key in having productive performance reviews. Add test files or create a questionnaire to help the employee prepare for the performance review.
HR can quickly see how long it's been since the last performance check-in. They can then schedule reviews accordingly and we'll notify the employee and their manager.
Schedule check-ins
Share information
Have the conversation
Has the date arrived? The team manager records key points and we'll deliver a copy of the review with the Employee Self-Service
Ready to empower employees with transparant check-ins?
Discover how Performance takes administration out of the conversation.