Businesses have various HR processes, such as onboarding and offboarding, which follow a fixed structure. The workflows feature helps companies manage these checklists composed of different to-do's, informs the right people and makes sure all tasks gets completed in time.

Using checklists to keep track of tasks around routine HR processes?


• Workflows helps manage lists of tasks around recurring HR processes.

✓ Create workflows for different tasks
✓ Describe tasks to help with execution
✓ Assign tasks to a colleague and set deadlines
✓ Follow-up on progress of multiple workflows
Transform static lists into dynamic workflows
Craft a standard flow around recurring HR processes, we'll notify the right people of what they have to do and make sure it gets done in time.
Create a template
You can create a workflow related to on- and offboarding of employees, or define a custom flow.
Add tasks to your new template and attach detailed descriptions to provide further clarification.
Who and when?
Select who's responsible for each task and at what date relative to the employee event it has to be completed.
Assign workflow
Template done? Assign it to an employee and we'll inform the right people to get it done in time.
Employee workflows
Through the employee profile you can check up on the status of workflows assigned to each employee.
Overview active workflows
In the tab 'Workflows' you'll find an overview of all running workflows and their progress.
Ready to effectively keep track of tasks around HR processes?
Discover how Workflows makes sure to-do's are always completed in time.