We are driven by success and so are our customers. Wanting to eliminate the burden of administration, these companies took their chance with us and succeeded. Listen to their stories and discover what pains Officient helped them overcome.

Customer success stories

"What used to cost me an hour a day, now only takes little over an hour a week."
Meet Arnaud Van de Calseyde. Together with his nephew, he manages the family company and takes managing HR under his wing. We asked him if Officient has a different impact in a company employing both technical, as well as office workers.
"I can easily compare wages across individuals and teams, quickly seeing what growth is possible for the company."
Meet Jens De Maere and Evelyn Broeckx, business owner and office manager at The Other agency.
We asked them about their experiences with Officient and how it impacts the daily routine at a digital agency.
"All employee data at your fingertips, in an instant"
Meet Ellen Sano, Managing director at Yuki Belgium. We asked her what aspects of Officient have the most impact on day-to-day operations and running a people-centric robotic accounting company.
"Changing payroll provider is hard. With Officient?
Just sync, and it's ready."
Meet Wannes Vanspranghe, CEO of Around Media. We asked him what his greatest experience with Officient was, and what made the biggest impact in their fast-growing virtual real(ity) estate business..
What HR impact can Officient bring to your company?
Maybe you'll be our next success story!